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THE Safe alternative to step ladders on show at RHS Chelsea – Henchman Stand: Western Avenue 59

THE Safe alternative to step ladders on show at RHS Chelsea – Henchman Stand: Western Avenue 59

Posted on: May 14, 2018

Following on from an amazing four days at Malvern where Henchman broke all its sales records, the team are looking forward to welcoming visitors to their stand at RHS Chelsea.

During 2016 ladder related injuries accounted for over 7,000 injuries and sadly 59 deaths so it makes sense to invest in the safest equipment available for working at height.

UK based Henchman has specialised in developing safety ladders and platforms for almost 25 years. It is the only company to manufacture wheeled hedge cutting platforms. Henchman pioneered the concept of a tripod ladder with adjustable legs and a wider platform rung for working on uneven terrain, delivering a safe alternative to the traditional ‘wobbly’ stepladder.

There is a Henchman safe ladder for every job from pruning a domestic hedge, to trimming five-metre-tall topiary sculpture, to the never-ending work of the professionals.  Henchman customers include landscape gardeners, the general public, several Royal Households, country estates and a host of other organisations ranging from the National Trust, the RHS, to schools, councils and sculpture parks. Henchman ladders are also used by Historic England on its training courses.

The whole range of Henchman tripod ladders, high step platform ladders and hedge cutting safety garden platforms will be on display at stand Western Avenue 59 at RHS Chelsea from 22-26  May 2018 so visitors can try them out.

Tripod ladders are available with one or three adjustable legs in four different heights from 6ft to 16’. Made of aluminium the ladders are designed to be light to carry and easy to store.

High step platform ladders incorporate a working platform to provide a level, spacious and comfortable working space and ensure gardeners are secure when leaning in three directions.

Hedges up to 18 ft can be cut from the safety of the Henchman 55 wheeled garden platform, whilst the Henchman 76 gives access to a height of 20ft.

Visitors to the Henchman stand can also see the Easy-Lift Harness in action. Henchman is the current UK distributor for this power assisted lifting harness designed to make trimming, edging and pruning safe and easy by reducing stress and fatigue caused by extended use of landscaping equipment. By lifting to 100% of the weight of your line trimmer, hedge trimmer, edger or power pole saw, the EASY-LIFT reduces the strain and vibration on your hands, arms, shoulders and back.

In addition, Henchman’s range of barrow trailers and compost tumblers will also be on display.

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