ComputerXplorers Case Study

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ComputerXplorers Case Study

ComputerXplorers is part of the world's largest franchised network providing fun and engaging quality technology education for children.

ComputerXplorers operates across the UK in the South and South West of the country as well as the Midlands, the London area, the North of England and Scotland and Wales.

Former Education Secretary Michael Gove introduced a new computing curriculum for primary age children which presented a big challenge for schools.

LJPR devised the concept of a Programming for Primaries awareness week where ComputerXplorers teachers could deliver coding and programming workshops for children and CPD sessions for teachers to give them a head start on the new curriculum. The awareness week also encouraged other like-minded organisations and companies to

Microsoft endorced Programing for Primaries and awarded ComputerXplorers Microsoft Partner in Learning Status. The inaugural awareness week was held in 2014

A total of 128 UK teachers took part in Programming for Primaries awareness week events with sessions described as ‘energising’ and ‘enlightening’.

The week saw 648 children from 30 primary schools using Kodu, Microsoft’s game-making software, to develop their own video games. In addition, 87 teachers attended continuing professional development workshops focused on introducing pupils to programming and coding.

The awareness week generated media coverage in education trade media, regional press and online portals.