Regent Arcade Case Study

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Regent Arcade Case Study

Built in 1984 the Regent Arcade shopping centre was in need of a major refurbishment which included replacing the entire roof.

It’s town centre location and the need to remain open throughout the year –long works posed a challenge as the impact on local residents, businesses and existing Arcade tenants had to be carefully managed during the £20m facelift.

LJPR devised a communications strategy which included a major briefing meeting for the neaighbours and media, a monthly newsletter for Regent Arcade tenants and opt-in regular email notifications to give local residents advanced warning of noisy works.

A briefing pack was produced with a timeline for the works and shopping vouchers to thank neighbours in advance for their patience. An easy reference card with contact numbers and details of likely noise levels was hand delivered to every home and business in nearby streets.

The works were completed on time with a minimal number of complaints from residents.